SDCL aims to provide the best quality education that exposes students to the theory and legal doctrine and provides practical skills to which create excellent professionals to serve our nation. Our motive is to provide fully rounded and meticulous legal education with theoretical and practical approaches to prepare top quality scholar of the law profession.


  1. The purpose of the visit was to understand the working of a court, the nature of duties of the judicial officers.
  2. The visit was to help the student in understanding the role of the court in dispensing justice in any case, the role of prosecutors in a case, the way cases proceed in a court, the way judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers handle the case, the relationship of the prosecutors and the police.
  3. This gave an opportunity to understand the actual need of coordination in the justice system.

Importance of Legal Visit

  • The visit was to help the student in understanding the role of the court.
  • These visit is a way to Encourage Students towards legal profession.
  • It helps students gain firsthand information regarding functioning of the industry.
  • Provides an opportunity to plan, organize, and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.
  • It is mandatory in various Indian universities hence it also fulfils certain curriculum requirements.
  • Provides an insight into the real working environment of the Courts.
  • Help them to see their future place in the working world.
  • Helps to understand the dos and don’ts of Legal Ethics.